When Characters Bug The Crap Out of You

Nic: My book’s coming out soon.

Me: I’m aware of that.

Shay: Don’t you mean our book?

Nic: Yeah. Okay. Our book. But you know women readers go for the hero.

Shay: No. Women readers go for the kickbutt heroine who’s smart enough to pick a hero who isn’t a doofus.

Nic: Gee, thanks. And while we’re arguing, she’s ignoring us.

Shay: Oh yeah. Hey. Our book is releasing this month.

Me: *sigh*. Yes, I know that.

Nic: You’re not paying attention to us.

Me: I’m writing the next Demon Hunter’s book. And I’m giving you plenty of attention. Big splashy ads everywhere, and I mentioned the reviews and look–your cover is over there.

Nic: I’m way hotter than the guy on the cover.

Me: *rolls eyes*. Sure you are, Nic.

Shay: The girl on the cover doesn’t even look like me.

Me: Yes, she does.

Shay: Does the cover make my butt look big?

Me: You can’t even see your butt on the cover.

Shay: Yes you can. In the running shot on the top.

Nic: I like your ass. I think it looks great.

Me: I’m trying to write here.

Nic: And that’s your problem. You should have scheduled the entire month off so you could talk nonstop about us.

Me: No

Shay: We want readers to know what fun they’re going to have reading our book. About the nonstop action, adventure, demon hunting and romance.

Nic: Don’t forget the sex.

Shay: I’ll never forget the sex. So anyway, how will they know if you don’t tell them?

Me: Right now they’re finding out how irritating you both are.

Nic: We’re not irritating. We’re helping you promote.

Ryder: Hey. If you two are done bugging the hell out of the Creator, I’ve got weapons in hand, ready to storm a castle here. Could you butt out of my book and get back to your own?

Nic: You wouldn’t have a book if it weren’t for us.

Ryder: Your book would have sucked without Angelique and me in it.

Angelique: Yeah. We only had a secondary role during your book. Now your book is done and it’s our turn. So if you don’t mind, we’d like to wrap ours up. Don’t interrupt the creator.

Shay: Is their book going to be better than our book?

Nic: Nobody could be better than us, babe.

Ryder: Heh. You have no idea how good our book is. Enjoy the glory while you’ve got it, Nic, because our story will blow yours out of the water.

Me: I have a headache. And if you all don’t go away I’m going to turn off the computer and read a Nora Roberts book.

Hunting the Demon releases August 28th.

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