A Dog’s Life

We have five dogs. Yes, five. Three of them–the bigger ones–live out in the back yard (we have an acre and a half so plenty of room for the big dogs). Our biggest dog, our black Lab, Buddy, clearly thought he was a championship running back, because he tore the ACL ligament in his knee and had to have surgery last week.

Hence, Buddy is now living in our house temporarily while he recovers from surgery. Right now he weighs about 95 pounds, all rock solid muscle and not easy to maneuver. And he adores Biker Dude, wants to follow him around everywhere. Not easy to get him to sit still. Fun stuff. Not. :giggle:

Clearly, he’s loving being the center of attention and in the air conditioned house during the (no pun intended) dog days of August. So anyway, he’s hobbling around with his six inch scar, pretty much needing to be catered to. (Oh yes, he really is enjoying this). Biker Dude and I figure he’s going to milk this as long as he can.

Here he is looking appropriately pathetic:

And just for fun, here’s Biker Dude and Bella, the smallest one of our dogs at 10 pounds: