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HUNTING THE DEMON is Jaci Burton’s follow up to her 2006 best seller, SURVIVING DEMON ISLAND. Let me just say right here that this book is AWESOME! What a great paranormal. It’s sexy and scary and action packed!

If you haven’t read the first book in Burton’s Demon Hunter’s series, not to worry because HUNTING THE DEMON stands alone. Honestly, though, you would love that book, too. What a great series filled with sexy and strong characters, passionate sex and really scary demons! Paranormal readers will absolutely love this book and if you’re not big into paranormal, just give it a try anyway.

This book pulls no punches right from the first page! It begins with a very scary sequence involving the hero, Nic Diavolo, and just takes off from there. Nic is half demon and doesn’t know it, although lately he’s been having some really horrific dreams. He’s about to find out a whole lot more about himself when he’s taken by members working for The Realm of Light, including the very sexy Shay Pearson, with whom he seems to have a connection.

Shay Pearson is a demon hunter with a special ability. After seeing Nic’s picture, she knows that she’s going to be a part of this man’s life. It’s her job to lure Nic away from his home and bring him to where the other hunters and his half demon brother are residing. The attraction is instant between them!

Nic is in real danger, and hopefully his brother and the rest of the demon hunters can help him. First, though, Nic has to believe that he is half demon and that what he’s been told growing up is a bunch of lies.

I loved this book. All the characters are engaging and really sexy! The storyline is fast-paced and unique—and need I mention that the sex is HOT?! I can’t believe how quickly I read HUNTING THE DEMON, considering it’s just a little over 400 pages long. It’s just that good.

Do I recommend reading Jaci Burton’s paranormal romance HUNTING THE DEMON? You bet I do.

Julie Kornhausl

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