First, 13 pages written yesterday (just because Sven was glaring at me. Yes, I’m writing again.)

If anyone lives near the Tulsa, OK, area, I’ll be at the Conestoga Sci Fi convention this weekend. This is my first time and I’m very excited. I’ll be doing a reading, a booksigning, and sitting in on a few panels, which I’m thrilled about. One of the panels I’m doing is with Laurell K Hamilton, so I’m doubly excited about that!

As I mentioned, Laurell K. Hamilton will be there. Also, Rachel Vincent, PC Cast and Kristin Cast, Talia Gryphon, Shanna Swendson, Michelle Bardsley and Melissa Marr will be there, and a host of other authors. You can check out the guest list online at the site link.

Here’s the link to Conestoga. Read all about it!

Here’s where I’ll be this weekend:

E publishing, no advance houses and small presses.
Sat 09:00 AM Room : Salon F Duration: 1 hrs.
These are exciting times for small presses, e-publishers and e-authors. They’re also a bit unnerving. The e-publishing industry is still in its infancy and undergoing changes. Small presses fight an uphill battle on distribution. Publishers and authors share their perspectives.
Participants: THE james k. burk; Babb, Gary; Gannon, Amanda; Stein, Allison; Burton, Jaci; Millitello, Deborah

Melissa Marr, Rachel Vincent, Michelle Bardsley, Jaci Burton
Sat 10:00 AM Room : Signing Table Duration: 1 hrs.

Paranormal Reading
Sat 11:00 AM Room : Chickasaw Duration: 1 hrs.
Moderator: Rosen, Selina
Participants: Burton, Jaci

Women Warriors, Giving butt-kicking women a genre of their own
Sat 01:00 PM Room : Salon F Duration: 1 hrs.
From Chicks In Chain Mail to Buffy, Zoe, Meredith, Maureen and Zena, girls do more than scream and cower these days. And they seem to have fun doing it. Our panelists will talk about what happens when the gals really mix it up.
Moderator: Roberts, Ray
Participants: Burton, Jaci; Donahue, Linda; Gryphon, Talia; Hightshoe, Carol; Hartman, Rachel

Crossing the Romantic Divide
Sun 01:00 PM Room : Salon E Duration: 1 hrs.
From paranormal romance to fantasy chick lit, what’s selling and why now? Meet authors in the new subgenres mixing fantasy, science fiction and horror with a little (or a lot) of (potentially sizzling) romance. Boys are allowed, but the estrogen level may get a little high.
Moderator: Swendson, Shanna
Participants: ; Frost, Jeaniene; Marr, Melissa; Vincent, Rachel; Hamilton, Laurell K.; Burton, Jaci