Busy Busy

It’s Wednesday already and I don’t feel like I’ve accomplished a damn thing. What the hell have I been doing with my week so far? Does this happen to you? It’s like a black hole of…I don’t know what. Where you sit up and realize two days have gone by and you have no idea what you’ve been doing, other than you’ve been busy. Ugh.

Doctor appointments and grocery shopping and errands and we went to the accountant’s office to wrap up taxes and just a lot of miscellaneous stuff the past couple days have kept me too busy to start on my next book. Dammit, I need a day where nothing else is happening! :hide:

And Wild, Wicked & Wanton is releasing in less than 30 Days! :boobie:

How about some great reviews. Romantic Times Bookreviews Magazine gave it 4 Stars and said this about it:

A bet to spend a hot weekend the man or men of your friends’ choice becomes a wild adventure for three best friends – and the reader. “Wild,” “Wicked” and “Wanton” are three short stores, each with a specific fantasy: bondage, menage a trois and voyeurism and exhibitionism. The characters are well developed, considering the length of each story, and the way the stories intertwine makes for a great time.

Thanks Jill Brager for such a great review! :cheer:

Blogger reviews for the book are starting to come in too. Check them out! (And thanks so much to the bloggers for reading and reviewing WWW! :heart:)




Dakota Cassidy

If you’ve read and reviewed WWW and I don’t have your link yet, let me know.

Off to try and actually accomplish something today, like quarterly taxes. Bleh.