Thursday Thirteen Number 21

(Really, if you click on the cover you can see it in full sized glory. Well worth it. Trust me on this)

Thirteen Reasons This Cover is Worthy of My Thursday Thirteen This Week

1. Duh. Do you really need 13 reasons?

2. Mantitty

3. Look at those abs, for the love of God

4. Nice Tan.

5. Oh, there are also two spectacular books associated with this cover :giggle:

6. Shelley Bradley is a phenomenal author. And omg does she write hot stuff

7. I’ve been told I’m not half bad either. :sasmokin:

8. Go look at the cover again.

9. There are two themes for the two novellas in this book—Voyeurism and,

10. Exhibitionism….Yum.

11. Wooo hoo! Wouldn’t you just like to grab an eyeful of him doing just about…ummmm…anything?

12. Scroll up and look at the cover again

13. This is actually the print cover for Sneak Peek, releasing in print from Samhain Publishing early next year. The good news is, each of our individual stories—Shelley Bradley’s Watch Me and my book, Show Me—will release in ebook first, in July this year.

But in the meantime, let’s all drool over this print cover. At least until the ebook covers come out. Heh.