This and That….

There are currently like 9000 blackbirds sitting in my pear trees. They’re loud and annoying as hell. I want them gone. There’s a ton of crap under my trees now, and I feel like I’m in a Hitchcock movie when they spread out all over my property. :hide: Why can’t they go live in someone else’s freakin trees? No wonder our next door neighbor cut down his pear trees. Smart guy.

My vacation is over. I had to do edits on Show Me, my July Samhain release. And galleys have arrived for Hunting the Demon, so I have to go through that this weekend. Oh well. The vacation was nice while I had it.

My stepdaughter came by yesterday after picking up her high school graduation announcements. When I first met Biker Dude, she had just turned 12. Now she’s about to graduate high school and will be off to college in August. I’ve watched her change from this giggly little girl into a beautiful young woman in the span of a few short years. Time moves way too quickly for me. And my older son turned 28 this month too. Clearly I was a child bride. :giggle:

And speaking of all things biker….Biker Dude and I bought new leather jackets during one of our sojourns last weekend to Harley land….must share (obviously mine’s the purple one)

Wicked cool, huh?

Okay, enough rambling about multiple topics. Time to work….