Busy busy busy

Yikes. Busy week.

Thanks so much for the congrats on the sale, everyone! I’m wicked thrilled to be writing more Demon Hunter books! :hips:

I didn’t even do a To Do list this week, because all I’m doing is editing Riding Wild. And the editing is actually going really well. I should have this book out the door by the end of the week. :cheer:

During my downtime (downtime = brain too fried to edit anymore) I finished a book that I was reading for a quote. Omg. It was the followup book to a recent release. An urban fantasy/paranormal romance. The author’s debut book was funny, first person kickass fun. The second? Just wait til you read it. It’s incredible. Smokin’ hot. Riveting. You’re dying to know what I read, aren’t you? :giggle: