Authors and Readers – Blogging in the Same Sandpile

Dear Author has a great topic going about authors blogging at reader blogs. I posted my .02 but wanted to bring some dialogue over here, where I could expand my thought process a bit (i.e. foam at the mouth more, because this is my blog and I can ramble nonsensically here.) Okay, so I ramble other places too. Whatever. :giggle:

When I go blog hopping, it makes no difference to me where I am, whether it’s a reader or an author blog. If the topic is interesting and I have something to say, I’ll leave a comment. Or I might just read and move on, depending on how much time I have. I never really notice authors only blogging at author blogs instead of at both author and reader blogs. BAM gets both authors and readers, so does Sybil and May. And I’m very lucky to have a balance of both authors and readers who post here. (and thank you for hanging with me. Wonder what I’d have to do to get Nora to visit. :giggle:).

I never really noticed a line separating readers from authors, but maybe it’s my head that’s in the sand. What do y’all think?

And yes, this was a rambling post. Surely you didn’t come here looking for coherence, did you? Let’s call it unedited and undercaffeinated. I need a Diet Dr. Pepper. :sasmokin: