Thursday Thirteen #16


1. Daytona Beach. Love the beach there. Biker Dude loves the Harley store there. :charlie:

2. St Louis. So I could visit my mom.

3. Italy. I could research the next Demon Hunters book. And write off the trip as a business expense. Heh.

4. California. So I could see my boys and my granddaughter.

5. The Great Barrier Reef. Snorkled there once. It’s so beautiful. Got an amazing sunburn too.

6. Maui – Sun, sand, ocean, relaxtion. ’nuff said. I could really use that now.

7. Cancun – Has one of the most beautiful oceans I’ve ever seen. (Sensing a theme here?)

8. New York – I’ve never been there and I’ve always wanted to go. And I want to shop. For shoes. :giggle:

9. London – Never been there either. Think the Queen will take me in for tea?

10. Paris – Never been there either. Must shop.

12. Scotland – Castles. Mmmmmm. Biker Dude just wants to play golf there. Whatever.

13. The Big Island of Hawaii – Only because it’s the only Hawaiian island I’ve never been to, and I’d love to see the volcano.

Where would you like to go?

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