Today is Veteran’s Day

I’d like to first thank my husband, who fought in Vietnam, who saw things I can only imagine on the front lines. He risked his life, lived a miserable existence for too long during a time when soldiers weren’t appreciated for the sacrifices they made. Thank you babe. I believed in you then and I still do. I love you.

My son was a Marine, though no longer serving active duty. Of course once a Marine, always a Marine, as they say, and I know he’d step right back in there and do what needs to be done if they called him. Thank you, Kevin, for doing your duty, for standing ready to fight for your country during the time you served.

And finally, for all who have served and are still serving, my profound thanks for what you do and have done, for the sacrifices you have made to protect all of us. It is appreciated beyond what words can say. We live free because of you.

Happy Veterans Day!