Thursday Thirteen #4

Thirteen Things I Covet

1. A week long vacation with Charlie. No internet, no deadlines, no work (his or mine), no family, no phones, no stress. Someplace tropical, with an ocean, a beach, and lots of alcohol.

2. A sunroom/enclosed back porch

3. A double recliner so I can snuggle with Charlie

4. High Speed Internet (please God let this come to my town soon)

5. Having one of my books hit a bestseller list just once before I die

6. Charlie’s retirement

7. Credit cards with a zero balance

8. No mortgage

9. Dogs that actually come to me when I call them (they do this inside the house – why won’t they come to me when they’re outside? Twits)

10. The perfect office desk. With drawers to put things in, and enough space on top. And not messy. Ha!

11. A family picture with me, Charlie and all our kids in it. Because that would mean we’d all be in one place at one time, typically an impossibility. *sigh*

12. Bookshelves. Lots and lots of bookshelves. And the space to put them in.

13. Fingernails that would actually grow. Nice, long, pretty nails.

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