A Review For Surviving Demon Island!

Just had to share this great advanced review I received for Surviving Demon Island!

Suzanne Coleburn/Reader to Reader Reviews/The Belles & Beaux of Romance

Fantastic reading is in store for paranormal fans with Jaci Burton’s new series about fighting demons. It’s a great good vs. evil story that will leave you breathless at times with the chills and thrills, and ready to take a cold shower at others as two of the neatest hero’s and heroine’s pull out all the stops as they get beneath the sheets, and behind their weapons. Whoo-ee. I loved this book. I had a glorious time reading this thought provoking thriller that makes you wonder at times, “I wonder if this could happen?” I don’t know about you, but after reading this book I was ready to join in with the Realm of Light. This book has a twist that will knock your socks off. No fair peeking now, just get the book and get reading.

Gina Bliss is a top action movie star that loves to play tough and rough on her movie sets. Her agent has just booked her on a TV reality show that is all about survival. She and the others don’t know what they are really in for but mysterious host Lou introduces her to his second in command Derek Marks, a fascinating man who is handsome, intriguing and a no-nonsense type of man that is going to take charge of the groups’ training on a tropical island. He is determined that Gina is going to be in his life as well. Everything is being kept in secret. Why? Gina suspects something is not as it seems and her survival skills and those of the others are tested to the max as violence breaks out for real and Gina and Derek are on the run for their lives from demons. Wow! Don’t miss this book for anything. I can’t wait for the next one. This is a most unusual series that will belong on your keeper shelf!