Saturday – So Far, and Looking Forward

So it’s already midway through Saturday afternoon and usually I blog on Saturday morning with my agenda for the day. But since I was up at 5:30 having to get ready to go to the office with Charlie, and since I worked pretty much nonstop from 7 a.m. until about 1 p.m. without stopping, then came home and promptly dropped dead for an hour, this is my first chance.

Busy day. First class day for Charlie (he works for the Ironworkers Union as their apprentice coordinator – his job is to train all the new apprentices). So I came in and did all the paperwork.

Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of paperwork. And setting up spreadsheets and databases and folders and yada yada yada.

And I have a cold. Bleh.

Anyway, got all that done.

I took a little nap. Until the dogs started barking, the doorbell rang and a political candidate was standing there. I would have growled at him, but he had his two cute little girls there with him. Dammit.

And as I opened the door, what fell on my feet? A fedex package. Containing copyedits for Wild Wicked and Wanton, my Berkley Heat book. :hide:

So my next project will be copyedits, putting a screeching halt on revisions to Hunting the Demon. For a few days anyway, since copyedits need to be done asap.

Can you tell Mercury is in retrograde? I can’t get a break.:cry:

Tomorrow, weather permitting, we’re doing a bike toy run, the first of a few we’re going to try to do this season, to deliver toys for a fundraiser in the surrounding communities. Should be fun and we hope it isn’t butt freezing cold or raining. :charlie:

Hope everyone is having a fun weekend. What are y’all doing?