Urgh. Monday. Weekly To Do List

I hate the time change. Sunlight is streaming in through my bedroom way too damn early.


Can you tell it’s Monday?

So I made some progress on revisions. I’ve been able to salvage more of the beginning of the book than I anticipated, so that’s good. I’ve got about 125 pages in so far, and that’s progress.

This week I’ll be tackling some of the meatier aspects of the plot and subplot, some of the main issues that need to be revised.

So here’s the To Do List for the week:

1. Revisions on Hunting the Demon

2. Make hair appointment (ack. Roots. ack.)

3. Grocery store. (Does anyone hate grocery shopping as much as I do?)

4. Work at office with Charlie 2 days this week. (ugh, but bright side, he does have DSL there. Wheeee!!!!)

5. Buy toys. (we’re going to do a couple motorcyle toy runs so we need to buy toys. How fun!

Oh, and I’m guest blogging over at THE MIDNIGHT HOUR today, so come see me!

That’s it for me. What’s everyone doing this week?