Happy Halloween!!!

In honor of Halloween, I’m listing my all time favorite scare-the-crap-out-of-me movies. :hide:

1. Halloween

2. Halloween 2 (both 1 and 2 – I’ve seen both a gozillion times. I still clench and jump during every scene)

3. The Exorcist (still can’t watch this one without having nightmares – probably the Catholic in me.)

4. House on Haunted Hill (the original)

5. Poltergeist (This movie made me not want to turn my TV on…and that’s a really big deal in my house)

6. Psycho (Thank God I only had a bathtub and no shower when I was a kid. Eek!)

7. The Blair Witch Project (that very last scene in the movie gives me the heebie-jeebies every single time)

8. The Haunting (1963 version)

9. Nightmare on Elm Street (thank you for making me NOT be able to sleep. Argh!)

10. Night of the Living Dead – (Zombies…need I say more?)

So tell me some of your favorite horror movies.