Saturday, Squeeing and Stuff

I’m Squeeing because the Cardinals Won The World Series!!!!! :whoo: (Sorry ’bout that, Colleen :heart:. Tigers fought hard. It was a great series and a true nail biter.)

So I’ve been working diligently on revisions to Hunting the Demon. Made some progress this week. Worked on characterization for my two main characters and subplot characters. Rewrote the beginning and spent all day yesterday cutting and pasting some stuff from the original and interspersing it with some new stuff. Oy. It’s like working with a jigsaw puzzle. Stick this from the original in there, but cut those two lines out because they won’t work. Delete those five pages, write new stuff there. Can’t use that, toss it. Can use this, insert it here. Then add, add, add, delete, delete, delete.

The mind boggles. Hope this damn thing makes sense. :hide:

Gotta work on the plot and subplot today. Ugh. This is where it gets really hard because I’m developing new material.

Oh and there’s laundry today. There’s always laundry. :chair:

Tonight is time with Charlie because he’s going on a bike run with some of his buddies tomorrow, so I’ll be all alone again. Tomorrow I can get some more work done on the book, but kinda lonely spending weekends by myself since he always works on Saturday and then he’ll be gone this Sunday too.

So what does everyone have planned for the weekend?