As The Titles Turn….

Yes, it’s like a soap opera over here in Jaci land.

So…I found out some upstart author by the name of Julie Kenner…*cough cough bestselling author cough cough* has a new demon hunting soccer mom book coming out next summer with the title of…..


What was the title (operative word ‘was’ here) of my second demon hunters book?


yuh huh. That so wasn’t going to work. So after I emailed Julie Kenner and cried on her shoulder, I contacted my editor at Dell and we set about brainstorming a new title.

And we got one!

*drumroll please*


I really love this title. Since I just turned in this book, I know what’s in it. Trust me…this title fits. Then I emailed Julie Kenner and told her she couldn’t use this title for at least a year. She laughed at me. Of course she’s creative as hell and doesn’t need my stinkin titles, the brilliant wench. Damn her. Did I mention I adore her books and am drooling for the next one already?

Though I do think she owes me an ARC of DEMONS ARE FOREVER since I lost my title. hehehe. I think I’ll whine about that. :neener:

So….title dilemma solved.

I think my pal Lara Adrian and I have had our fill of title and cover changes lately. But at least the covers and titles are changing for the better, right?

So do you love the new title? Huh? huh? huh?

And don’t forget about Julie Kenner’s auction while you’re scooting around on her website (link above). One of the auction items is an ARC of SURVIVING DEMON ISLAND (that title isn’t changing…lol). Oh, and Julie is also auctioning an ARC of her upcoming book…I WANT IT! It has a great title, ya know. :giggle: