Saturday Stuff….and Picture Day!

So it’s Saturday and I’m up to the usual stuff….laundry and writing.

Writing on Wild Nights, my Berkley HEAT novella. That one’s moving right along. Also thought I’d get started on the proposal for the next demon hunters book since the story for book 2 is still fresh in my head. I want to be ready to ship that off to my editor as soon as I’m able to, and it’ll take awhile to build the storyline for the next book, so going to start putting the pieces of that one together. I have a title. *grin*

I have some pictures to share after the jump

This one’s of one of the pups, Jaz, with Bobo, his toy. You have to have seen the Petsmart ad with the Dachsund and his Bobo to understand this since Jaz is part Dachsund. Though Jaz thoroughly shreds his ‘babies’ and eats all the stuffing out of them. But right now Jaz and “Bobo” are enjoying the morning sun in the window sill.

The next one is Charlie on the bike…nice jacket, huh?

And finally…..I’ve decided Charlie’s trying to kill me…he bought leather chaps….then tormented me all night last week by wearing them. The bastard.


So what about you? What’s on your agenda today?