Search Engine Phrases

Yes…it’s that time of the month again. Time to bring you the best of the key search engine phrases.

Ahahahahahhahahahaaaaa – glad this brought you to my site. I think

jaci and herself equal love forever – *snort*. Hey, someone’s gotta love me.

tickle twitch flared sneeze allergies itching – Say that 10 times really fast

dog nipped her clit – um…ow

writing a bio – Sucks worse than root canal.

dog sniffed at my pussy then started lapping my pussy with his tongue – I SWEAR I don’t write animal sex. How the hell did these people get to my site?

yard spiders – Every freakin summer. Gotta wear my cowgirl boots in the lawn. We won’t even get into the crawdads and snakes out there

I stripped naked – as opposed to stripping into my parka. Duh.

aquariums undersea – Kinda defeats the purpose don’t you think?

thank god and greyhound your gone – bwahahahaha…freakin hysterical country song.

how to stop mushrooms from growing in the yard – I dunno but when you find out let me know – those suckers are STILL taking over

kickass boots – Yes, I have several pair as a matter of fact.

hypnotise breasts grow – I thought that only worked for quitting smoking

plot ideas – are you shitting me? Someone googled for plot ideas? Hint: If you have to use a search engine for plot ideas…you’re hosed. Give it up and find another career.

dumb oklahoma laws – Oh…there are so many…where do I begin?