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When Technological Worlds Collide

Our old router died last week. And since we definitely need wireless in our house, we trekked over to Best Buy on Saturday to buy a new one. The sales dude there convinced us to buy an Airport router (Apple), which worked awesome for my Mac laptop. Plus I could plug in the printer and print wirelessly from my Mac. Awesome!

Unfortunately, we also run three Dells at home–a desktop and two laptops. And alas, our desktop isn’t wireless (doh!). And then our other two Dell laptops couldn’t pick up the wireless signal. :gah: Which sadly meant the Airport router had to go back to Best Buy and we had to buy another LInksys router.

Which works fine, except there’s no plugin for the printer. So no wireless printing for me. 😥

Why isn’t this ever easy?

Word Press Help

Does anyone out there know anything about Word Press? For some reason I can’t schedule my blog posts. The time is correct, and if I schedule a blog post, it keeps saying it’s missed the schedule. And since I don’t know jack about Word Press other than posting the blog, I’m at a loss.

Any clues what I should look for to fix this? I’d be forever grateful, because I really really want to be able to schedule blog posts in advance, and this is making me insane. :gah:

Feast or Famine

You know how it goes. There’s either a crapload of stuff going on, or nothing at all.

I’m in crapload mode. Some good things, some eh…not sure whether they’re good or bad things. Remains to be seen. All I know is suddenly I have several things and projects looming over me and of course they all need be dealt with RIGHT NOW. :gah:

But I guess it’s better than having nothing to do and tapping my fingers on my desk wishing I had a life. And a career.

So my laptop power cord died the other day. Omg talk about crisis. Battery power only lasts so long ya know. Fortunately Biker Dude was out of town at the time, so I commandeered (how the hell do you spell that?) his. And instead of ordering a new cord from Dell, Angie told me to order one of these instead. It does seem a lot more versatile, but omg when I opened the package, all this…stuff…fell out. Cordage and tips and more cords and things and dude…I’m so not tech oriented. Thank God it came with a visual map, that’s all I’m sayin’. :giggle:

But it works and my laptop is powered up again and I’m happy! One crisis down.

This afternoon I’m off to the eye doctor for an eye exam, hopefully get new glasses and I’m coveting some prescription  WileyX sunglasses for the bike. :boobie:

Don’t forget my ARC contest continues through this week. It’s the post below this one!