Some Updates

Hey everyone!

I’ve been spending a lot (like a lot) of time in the deadline cave lately. Good news is that means more books are coming. Bad news is, I haven’t been posting a lot on the blog. I do spend some time on Twitter and Facebook, because those are short, here’s what I’m doing right this instant kind of posts, so when I’m pressed for time, it’s easier for me. If you use either of those social media sites, hit me up!

But I wanted to update you on what I’ve been working on. Last week I turned in Straddling the Line, Book 8 of the Play by Play series. That is Trevor and Haven’s book, and will release July, 2014. I also did edits on Melting the Ice, Book 7 of the Play by Play series, which will release February, 2014 and is Drew and Carolina’s story. You can find out more info on both those books by checking out my Coming Soon page.

Hopefully very soon I’ll have an excerpt up for Holiday Games. I should be doing edits on that book this week, and as soon as edits are completed, I’ll put the first chapter up on my site and alert everyone. I’m really excited about this book because all the Rileys make an appearance in this book. I hope you all enjoy it when it releases in November.

Hope Flames, the first book of my Hope series, will release in January and we have a fun giveaway for that coming up within the next couple of months. In addition, Hope Smolders, the introductory novella from the Hot Summer Nights anthology, will be released as a stand alone digital novella in late February, 2014. So if you didn’t buy it in the anthology but still want to read it, you’ll be able to when it releases on its own in March. More on that coming up soon.

That’s all for now–more to come shortly. And, as always, if you have any questions, post them in the comments!