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September 12, 2017

The Final Score

Book 13 in the Play-by-Play series.

The one thing Nathan Riley and Mia Cassidy always had together through college was a close friendship. Now that they live and work together in the same city, things are changing for both of them. They’re embarking on huge careers. The pressure is high and they need each other more than ever. But that tight bond is developing into a hot passion that could change everything for them. Are they willing to risk friendship for a chance on love?

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October 2017

Love Me By Christmas

Ellie Washington lost her husband five years ago right before Christmas. If not for her husband’s brother, Nick, and the baby that had yet to be born, she might not have survived the grief.

But now she’s moving on and has developed feelings for Nick. Nick feels the spark of attraction, too. Will this be the Christmas that both of them fall in love?

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February 13, 2018

Shot On Gold

Book 14 in the Play-by-Play series.

Hockey player Will “Mad Dog” Madigan is back for his second shot at the international games. He’s fired up and ready to play—both on and off the ice, and when he meets figure skater Amber Sloane, she’s unlike any woman he’s ever met. She’s ambitious and driven and takes no time for fun. But Will wants to show Amber there’s always time for romance—even in this competitive environment. Between fierce competition and chasing gold, will they have a chance at finding love?