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December 6, 2016

Rules of Contact

Book 12 in the Play-by-Play series.

Flynn Cassidy is looking for a woman to love only him, not the fame he brings to the table. Amelia Lawrence brings great food to the table, and as the new head chef of Flynn’s restaurant, she’s focused only on her job. But mixing business with pleasure gets the two of them mixed up in one delicious game. Will they trust in love and surrender their hearts?

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May 2, 2017

Love Me Again

Book 7 in the Hope Contemporary Romance series.

Loretta Simmons comes face to face with her high school love, Deacon Fox, when he starts a renovation project on the building next to her bookstore. She broke his heart years ago, but she’s not the person she was back then. Deacon’s wary, but he can’t deny he’s never gotten over Loretta. Can he put his trust in her for a second chance at love?