Today’s Blog Post

So I opened my blog at 7 a.m. with something brilliant in mind to post for today. It’s now noon, and I totally forgot what I was going to post, because like all things in my head, if it’s not put to paper the nanosecond it pops in there…poof. Gone.

I’m sure it’ll come to me and I’ll remember what I was going to tell you. Maybe. Or maybe not. You know what a collander is, right? That thing with lots of holes in it that you use to strain cooked spaghetti?

Yeah well, all the stuff I have in my head typically gets strained right out and down the drain if I don’t write it down the second it pops in there. Sad. I’d like to blame old age, but what it really is is brain overload. There’s just entirely too much going on in there right now. Like books and plotlines and deadlines and dogs. LIke today, Buddy got into the trash before I even got out of bed this morning, so I had to jump out of bed and clean that up. And then Jaz and Bee had to go to the groomers early this morning. And I had a doctor’s appointment right after that. And then–

Oh! I just remembered what I was going to blog about today!

I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow, providing I write it down. Heh.

See, I knew I’d remember.

Tell me this happens to you, too.