The Down Week, Football and New Years Eve

So typically the week between Christmas and New Years is the down week. People are on vacation, most of the publishing world is definitely on vacation, and its quiet out there.

Now me, I’m working. I have revisions due on a book soon, but it’s nice to have the quiet time to work on it. I’m not on vacation, sadly. Are any of you on vacation, and if you are, what are you doing this week? Let me live vicariously through you.

But all this week is BCS Bowl Week, which if you’re a fan of college football you know what I’m talking about. Every night we’ve been watching the bowl games. Since we’re Oklahoma Sooners fans, we’re rooting for the Big 12 teams this week (so far the Big 12 is 1-2…not a great showing, but there’s still hope since there are more games to be played.)

And of course tomorrow is New Years Eve. We’re not big partiers. We’ll go out to dinner–early to avoid the crowds and the drunks, then head home to–you guessed it–watch football!

And on New Years Day, this should come as no surprise to any of you, but we’ll be watching football.

Anyone have big New Years Eve plans?