My New Website is Live!!!

My new website is live!

I’m SO excited to share it with you! Please come in, take a look at all the new features. I hope you browse the book pages and take a look at the connected book series. Just as a note, not all my books are highlighted this way. I’ve written way too many to go that far back, so I just did my Wild Riders series and, going forward.

I hope you also look at the Coming Soon page to see what’s coming up next and look at some of the book pages to see how easy it is to order books both in print and digitally.

Okay, as you can tell I’m just so excited for you to see everything, but I’d really love for you to go to the site and browse, and I hope you love it enough to stay around and click for a few pages. And if you feel like telling me what you like that might just make my day. We’ve worked very hard on this new site. If you see anything that looks wonky, please do let me know!

There’s more about me on this site and more about all my books. I hope it’s easier to navigate, and of course I’d love your feedback, so feel free to post your thoughts here or use the contact form on my site.

I’d like to thank Wax Creative for making my new site so beautiful and so functional. The entire team worked so hard these past several months. Wax Creative is teamed by brilliant and creative minds and I couldn’t have done this without them! They’ve created the websites of some of my very favorite authors like Maya Banks, Stephanie Tyler, Sylvia Day and others, which is why I chose them to do mine.

Welcome to the new site!