It’s Football Season!!

It’s football season, people!

I love me some football. Here at casa Burton, we love us some college football, and we fly the flag of the Oklahoma Sooners (OU) proudly. We wear the red Sooner jerseys on Saturdays and we don’t miss a game. Just fyi, the Sooners are 3-0 so far for the season.

Since Oklahoma doesn’t have a professional football team, we tend to follow where our Sooners go. So we’ve been following running back Adrian Peterson who now plays for the Minnesota Vikings, and this year Sam Bradford, who was the #1 Draft Pick and is now the starting quarterback for the St. Louis Rams. And yes, I did buy a Bradford jersey to wear on Sundays, even though from the looks of the Rams 0 and 2 start, it’s going to be a long and painful season. (The Vikings are also 0 and 2. I think Favre should have retired).

I have always loved football. I grew up in St Louis, back when the Cardinals played there and not in Arizona like they do now. And when I got married and moved to northern California, my ex husband and I became 49er fans.

Now though, Biker Dude and I are firmly in the camp of the Sooner nation. And the Rams. And to some extent, the Vikings. Yes, my loyalties are odd that way. Bottom line is, I love the game. Which is one of the reasons I wrote this book:

Really, I just wanted to post the cover to THE PERFECT PLAY again. I know this will make Jane happy.

No, you don’t have to thank me. :giggle:

So…are y’all football lovers? College or pro or both? Name your team if you are. Or do you just not care and prefer to be reading or shopping when the game is on?