Books Update

Busy this week getting caught up and juggling. Always juggling.

But thought I’d give you an update on my upcoming books.

I finished edits on ALL SHE WANTS FOR CHRISTMAS, my holiday novella release for Carina Press. ALL SHE WANTS FOR CHRISTMAS will release on December 6th, so mark your calendars. It’s a contemporary romance (not erotic) and I’m very excited about the story. I’ll post an excerpt as soon as I get a finalized copy. I have seen the back cover copy and it’s pretty awesome, so I’ll share that soon as soon as it’s final. And hopefully I’ll have a cover to show you shortly, too!

As I mentioned earlier, there will be another NAUTI & WILD anthology, which Lora Leigh and I are so excited about! And since many of you have read RIDING THE NIGHT (thank you!) and have asked me if that book is the last Wild Riders book, the answer is yes. There will be another Wild Riders story in the next Nauti and Wild anthology, which will be released late 2011. As to who the characters will be in that Wild Riders story? Well, I don’t know yet. Still thinking about it. Might be someone you know, might be someone totally new. Stay tuned. More info to come.

Still working diligently on my romantic suspense. THE HEART OF A KILLER will release in September, 2011, and will be my first mass market paperback released by MIRA. I’m so excited about this series, though right now I’m deeply bogged down in storytelling and craft and would very much like to kill off my difficult characters. (Worry not. This is part of my process. Once the book’s finished I’ll love them again.) :giggle:

And of course there’s my Play by Play sports series with Berkley Heat which will debut with THE PERFECT PLAY in February, 2011, which I talked about in a previous post. So far there are two books completed, four books definitely to come. Very excited about this series.

So if you have any questions about upcoming books, ask away!