TV Rundown

There are reality tv spoilers here, so if you haven’t watched, look away!

I’m not watching American Idol this year. I have nothing to say about it. Wasn’t impressed with any of the singers this year so am giving it a pass. Bleh.

The Amazing Race – the Cowboys went from last place…and had to do an extra task, to first place. How awesome is that? Since they’re from Oklahoma I’m kind of rooting for them, though they had a few boneheaded moves the past few weeks. Maybe they’ll redeem themselves by not being stupid now. I also like the cops. And the two women, if they could stop bitching at each other long enough, are a strong team.

America’s Next Top Model. I really watch this show more for the catfighting and the bitching more than the modeling, because really? The modeling? Some of the modeling gigs they get are just over the top bizarre. And the outfits and makeup they make they poor girls wear….did you see this week’s? Page through Vogue or Glamour and tell me where you see models wear crap like that. Go ahead. I’ll wait. Yeah, thought not. Makes me roll my eyes. But I still watch every week because of the shrieking and drama. Love me some Tyra.

Project Runway. Down to the final four, though I hate when they have to have a design-off to see which of the two will get to show at Bryant Park. Please. Just be ruthless and cut someone already. I already figured it would be Emilio and Seth Aaron. Don’t much care about Jay or Mila, though I think Jay will probably win out in that competition. Can’t wait for the Bryant Park show to see what Emilio and Seth Aaron come up with. Love their designs! Sad to see Anthony go (again). Really love his personality, though have to agree with the judges that his designs just weren’t up to par.

Survivor – Am still violently bitter about Boston Rob’s outing. The show just isn’t fun without him anymore and I’m hating on Russell in a major way. His ego is going to be his downfall and I’m watching and waiting now just to see it happen. And Coach is an idiot. Actually the whole Villains tribe are idiots. But the merge should be interesting.

Criminal Minds – So they had some new team come up as a possible spinoff this week. I was….underwhelmed. I love Forest Whitaker, think he’s an amazing actor. But just wasn’t impressed with this group for a CM spinoff. Thought it was boring. Still totally love CM though.

Haven’t watched this week’s episode of The Good Wife yet, but it’s one of my favorite new shows of the season.

Loving Justified on FX, also a brand new show. But hey, if it’s got guns and violence on it, I’m there. :giggle: Seriously, solid acting and good plotlines. I’m in.

What are you watching and loving? Or hating?