Garden Ho!

That’ll be me the next few months. A ho for my garden.

We planted yesterday! Look look look!

We planted Parsley, Rosemary, three types of Tomatoes, Oregano, Strawberries, Cucumber, Sweet Bell Pepper, Potatoes (which you can’t see in the pic cuz they’re underground), Basil and Onions.

Now I’ll be combatting pests and disease and the occasional very tall and curious dog.

Don’t forget that Smart Bitch Sarah and I are having a Garden Contest over at Whipped Out. Not only are we battling each other for the best garden, we want y’all to join in and share your garden pictures. Prizes involved!

Link here

I’ll be posting regular updates of my success/failure/holy crapness of my progressing garden. Whether y’all like it or not. Heh.

Garden Ho! And Hoe, even!