This ‘n That

It’s spring. Allergies are kicking my butt.

With warmer weather comes….people outside. With people outside comes all 5 of my dogs engaging in nonstop barking. I need a bb gun or something to shoot them in the butt because they’re all on my last freakin nerve. (Just kidding. I don’t shoot my dogs. Animal rights folks can calm down. I love all my furry creatures and would never lay a hand on them but they do piss me the hell off when they bark).

Exercising makes me want to pass out. Of course it would be easier if I hadn’t gained twenty pounds that I now have to take off. Ugh.

Almost finished polishing up The Perfect Play, then it’s off to my beta readers, and then I’ll start The Perfect Game. Progress!

Why is it when the weather finally starts getting warm here in Oklahoma that 40 mph winds have to come with it? I just can’t get a break around here. But hey, at least it’s warm and I’m not going to complain about that after the hellish winter we had.

TV talk forthcoming. There be spoilers here. You have been warned. Look away if you don’t want to know:

On The Amazing Race I was afraid the cowboys were going to be toast. For awhile there they looked really smart, but they’ve made some dumb-as-a-box-of-rocks moves, so we’ll see how they do next week. I thought Carol and Brandy were going to be eliminated. The bickering between the two of them amuses me almost as much as Brent and Caite.

Who the hell is voting for Kate Gosselin on Dancing With The Stars? She’s terrible. My husband dances better than she does, and he’ll be the first to admit he can’t dance. Jeebus. I get that Buzz Aldrin is going to get the old guy sympathy vote for a few weeks, even though it pained me to watch him dance. But Kate Gosselin? Puh-leeze! It was like watching a baby robot stumble its first few steps. And she’s a shrew. I thought Shannon was cute, her love for her dad was adorable, and I’m sad she got the boot. Even more sad that I have to watch Kate another week. Ugh. I’m just going to assume it was sympathy voting for Tony who has to put up with her.

Why did we need to bring back two players on The Biggest Loser? Aren’t we supposed to be eliminating players? And now Melissa’s back and I was so happy when she left. She annoys me. I love Stephanie and I was sad to see her go, really sad when they accused her of game play. Though I hear she and Sam have a romance going. I love Sam! I could definitely see him with Stephanie. How sweet is that?

That’s all I have for now.