And How Was Your Weekend?

Biker Dude and I had a nice weekend. We’re pretty low key people. Saturday we went to one of the local casinos we hadn’t been to since they remodeled. We wanted to try their new buffet, and of course, gamble a little. And by a little we really mean…a little. We’re not big gamblers. We tend to like our money so we enjoy holding on to it. We’re pretty smart about our money. We don’t gamble the mortgage and we also know casinos are in the business of making money, so we always go into a casino with the amount of money we intend to lose. Hey, we’re not suckers. We don’t go there intending to win. If we win, great. But we figure we’re probably going to lose.

Anyway, we played for a couple hours and left with the money we came with. We called it a win. :giggle: Though we never did get into the buffet. Too crowded. All the old people seem to crawl out of the woodwork when it’s buffet time. Why is that?

We did a little shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond. I’ve been looking for a new hamper for our remodeled master bathroom. BB&B had no hampers I like. Hampers are just…odd these days. Odd shapes and sizes and colors and not what I want. I need to keep looking. Did buy some new bath towels for the guest bathroom which we’re also redoing. Washed said towels when we got home and let me tell you the lint explosion in my lint catcher was beyond description. It was like a wooly mammoth had found refuge in the lint catcher. That’s what I get for buying discount towels. Dayum.

Saturday night we watched a couple movies–Kung Fu Panda and Monsters vs Aliens. No, there were no children in attendance and yes we like kid movies. Cute movies but our favorites are still Madagascar and Ice Age. Oh and Biker Dude loves Shrek. Yes, we’re really 7 year olds.

Sunday my afternoon nap was thwarted by the rain out and subsequent cancellation of the NASCAR race. How can I nap without NASCAR? Dammit. (It’s something about the droning engine noise and all those left hand turns). Therefore I was forced to do laundry.

And how was your weekend?