Random Monday

First, Happy Birthday to #1 son, who turns 31 today! (Yeah, I was 7 when I had him. I’m very progressive that way).

Second, the sun is out, the snow is melting and it’s supposed to hit the 60’s today and the 70’s tomorrow. Thank you Mother Nature, for screwing with my weekend with that epic snowstorm. You finished now? I’d really like to start on my vegetable garden.

We signed up for the premium channels again just so I could watch The Pacific, a new series about World War II on HBO. Great new series by the way. But since we hadn’t had the premium channels in awhile I’ve been catching up with movies in the like (we got a good package deal so we got all the premium channels–bonus!). And Spartacus, on Starz, which is rather drool worthy with lots of yummy naked men. Hey, I’m only human. How am I supposed to resist all those naked guys, or as Biker Dude calls it–chick porn. Heh.

Watched Twilight the other night. That was interesting. Very teen angsty. And sparkly.

My Best Friends Girl was funny. So was Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I should tell you that I’m also very easily amused.

Anyway, on to writing. Working on trying to finish up The Perfect Game. You can see the blurb here. My goal is to finish the book by the end of this month, then write the followup book next month. Busy schedule this year so a lot of self flogging involved in maintaining a strict writing schedule. I try to set specific daily writing goals in order to finish a book. Deadlines are good for me, otherwise I flail around like a fish out of water, which isn’t pretty. A lot of gasping for air and looking ridiculous. Goals are better. I can breathe when I have goals.

Still waiting on the cover for Riding The NIght (AJ and Pax’s book). Doesn’t it just figure that Pax and AJ would make us wait? Will pop it on here as soon as it makes its appearance!

And that’s about as random as I’m getting today. Unless something else pops into my head, which is likely to happen.

Edited To Add: See? Something else to add. Head on over to awesome author Beth Kery’s Blog and let her know what your favorite erotic romance of 2009 was. There are prizes being given away!

Hope your week is sunny and snow free!