End Of Book Dance!

Finished The Perfect Play yesterday! Woo hoo!!!! End of book dance time!

Today I take the day off from the book and work on something else. I need at least a day’s break to distance myself from the story. Ideally a week would be great, but I don’t have the luxury of that much time because I need to start The Perfect Game (story #2) by April 1st, so I’ll give myself today to work on something else, then dive into editing The Perfect Play tomorrow. Then I can get it out to beta readers (heh. I have no beta readers…but I will. Soon as I find them) as soon as I’m done editing it.

But today I bet to play with some research on my suspense book a bit, which is just pure joy for me. I’ll start writing that one after I write The Perfect Game.

And no, I don’t get days off. Just in case you were wondering. But I love my job. :giggle: