Well It’s Finally Happened

I’ve put away my flip flops and tank tops and capri pants and dragged out my sweat pants and long sleeved shirts and…ugh….socks. And closed toe shoes. And coats. 😥

Fall has arrived. I don’t know about where y’all live, but here’s how it goes in Oklahoma.

Two weekends ago it hit 90. Biker Dude and I took the Harley out for a great ride. It was actually hot. We were sweating. A couple days later temperatures plummeted 40 degrees and it’s been cold ever since.

*shakes fist at Mother Nature*

It might be nice to have a gradual drop in temps so I could get used to my loss of summer. Summer is my favorite season. I do enjoy all 4 seasons, but I’m loath to let go of summer. Fewer clothes, more skin exposed and that all important sunshine. We don’t tend to get a gradual drop in temps. One day it’s 80, the next day it’s 50. And then all of a sudden we’re getting overnight temps in the 30’s. Bleh.

I had to turn my freakin heat on this week. :gah:

Has Fall arrived in your neck of the woods yet? About the only nice thing I have to say about it is the trees sure are pretty this time of year.

(If you live in Florida and it’s warm and sunny where you live, please do not torture me by replying to this blog post. And note that I hate you. Okay, not really, but I”m profoundly jealous).