Upcoming Books

I figured it’s been awhile since I told you which books would be coming up next, so here’s my schedule for upcoming book releases:

LACED WITH DESIRE – Feb 2010- This is an anthology similar to the UNLACED anthology with new novellas from me and awesome authors Joey Hill, Jasmine Haynes and Denise Rossetti. We’re all very excited to be able to do another anthology for Berkley Heat. My story is titled NO STRINGS ATTACHED and you can read the blurb and excerpt here.

BOUND BRANDED & BRAZEN – March 2010 – My contemporary ranch story. Three sisters, three hot cowboys. Yum. You can read the blurb and excerpt here

NAUTI AND WILD – July 2010 – This is the anthology book with author Lora Leigh. I’m so excited and honored to be in a book with Lora. Lora will have one of her Nauti books and I’ll have one of my Wild Riders books in this anthology. You can read the blurb on this page. (scroll down since I don’t yet have a direct link placed to the book. Sorry)

RIDING THE NIGHT – Sept 2010 – AJ and Pax’s story, and the final Wild Riders book. I just finished writing this book and now must edit it and turn it in. This book has made me gnash my teeth, throw things, cuss a lot and bleed from my ears. I hope that means it’s going to be really good and you’re going to love it. :giggle:

After I turn in RIDING THE NIGHT I’m starting a new series for Berkley Heat, and no I’m not going to talk about it yet. But soon. :devil: