Conferences, Guest Blogging & Other Stuff

The awesome Angela James blog, talking about the RWA National conference and my love hate relationship with it. I’m offering up one of my books if you comment, so head on over!

Also, if you’re a writer and not at the conference this week,New York Times Bestselling Author Lynn Viehl is having a Left Behind & Loving It Workshop at her blog, Paperback Writer. She does this every year during the conference and trust me, she’s brilliant and you don’t want to miss what she has to say. Plus she puts up links to other blogs putting on mini workshops, so do check it out. In addition, she gives away some killer prizes. Talk about incentive! I participated last year and had a great time doing so, but am swamped this year and didn’t pull my head out of my ass soon enough to get a workshop together. Alas. But hey, it won’t stop me from heading over there every day to do some learnin’.