Hey! I’m Still Here!

Apologies for neglecting my blog lately. Between family visits and rehabbing the Lab (who sheds hair in my house like damn and whoa) and the trip to Houston last week, and then trying to fit in some book writing time in there, it’s been bizzzzeeeee! But hey, you can always find me on Twitter if you’re so inclined to listen to my nonsense in 140 characters or less. (And really, tell me you dig the skull on my Twitter page. Does that rock or what?)

Anyway, thought I’d post a few pics from the booksigning last week in Houston. The folks at Katy Budget Books were beyond awesome. If you live in that area, do hit up that bookstore because the greatest people in the world work there and they love romance!

Look! Look! They put Maya’s name and mine on their marquee! This alone makes them the BEST BOOKSTORE EVER! :giggle:

Here we are doing our thing–talkin books!

Me, the incredible Alison Kent who came to our booksigning, and the awesomely talented Maya Banks.


You have to love a bookstore that lets you play in the fingerpaints. Does this rock or what? (They do handprints of the authors who come to sign, then put them up on the wall. Loved it!)

So thanks again to Katy Budget Books. One of the best booksignings I’ve ever been to. :heart: