Need Title Help!

So I’m off for a weekend on the Harley. We’re going to do a poker run up in northeast Oklahoma, which is always fun. Maybe we’ll win some money. Heh.

The weather gods are smiling on me and have dropped the temps from the 100’s into the 80’s (bless you, Mother Nature!), so it looks like it’s going to be a great weekend for bike riding. Yay!

I’m working on AJ and Pax’s story, my Wild Riders for those who are familiar with that series. And if you aren’t familiar with the series, you can read about it here. I need some title help for AJ and Pax’s story. All my previous Wild Riders books have been titled with “Riding” in the title – Riding Wild, Riding Temptation, Riding On Instinct and the upcoming Riding The Edge novella releasing next year. This book is going to have some pretty deep emotional issues along with the hawt sex and trademark suspense that go along with all my Wild Riders books. My heroine has suffered a trauma, and this book isn’t going to be light and easy. So I’m searching for a title that fits the story. If you have some ideas for something that is emotional yet sexy and goes along with “Riding” in the title, I’m all over it. And I’ll even offer up a prize if I end up choosing one of the titles. Okay, I’ll offer up a prize anyway, so comment away and I’ll draw a winner or two from all the commenters when I get back from the weekend trip.