The Things An Author And Her Editor Discuss


So I got this awesome blogger review from Dev for Dare To Love. Thank you Dev!

And in a little “P.S” at the bottom of her review, Dev mentioned that she wanted a trampoline. Heh.

Yeah, there’s this great sexy trampoline scene in Dare To Love. And the funny thing is, my editor Angie and I argued about that scene in a very amusing way when she was editing my book.

Now full disclaimer here: Angie and I are very good friends. We go way back, knew each other and were friends before she ever became Executive Editor at Samhain. But when we edit a book together, it’s all business and pretty much no holds barred. She tears apart my work, insults are hurled, plates fly….(okay, kidding…mostly :giggle: ). But the completed book is so much better for the editing we do together.

Except when she told me that I should take the trampoline out of the scene because it was an insurance liability for kids and I should instead use a bouncy house.

Dude. The trampoline was an integral prop in a very sexy and romantic scene. It HAD to be left in the scene because no way in hell was I going to have my hero and heroine sliding around some vinyl bouncy house. Um…so not sexy, ya know? :hide:

So we argued (Angie and I argue in a fun way….really). In the end, we compromised and had the bouncy house for the little kids and the trampoline for the older kids. I even indicated the adults gave the trampoline a try. Heh.

Now I know those of you who haven’t yet read DARE TO LOVE are dying to read that trampoline scene, aren’t you? 😀

DARE TO LOVE is available as an ebook here at Samhain Publishing, and will release in print in May. You can find print preorder info and read an excerpt here

And thanks again Dev! :doglick: