The Bachelor

So it’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of reality shows. And I hate that I love The Bachelor, because every season I see two people allegedly fall in love, and a few months after the last show of the season they’ve broken up (with the exception of Trista and Ryan, the only couple who’ve actually made it to love, marriage and babies in 13 seasons.)

Anyway, this season we have Jason who got jilted by Deanna on last season. I have to admit I rooted for Jesse all last season, but I liked Jason so I really hope he finds a great girl who will love him and love his son Ty. Because I can’t help but believe in love and Happily Ever After, and despite the epic fail of this show, I still hope for it. What can I say? Hopeless romantic here.

So this week we were down to 5 girls. The interesting dynamic of this season is that the 5 remaining girls are all really nice. Typically there are a few that you just can’t stand and can’t wait for them to be eliminated. This time? Not so much. And another thing I find fascinating…and a little bit unusual for The Bachelor…is that all these girls genuinely like each other. Which when you think about it–I mean they’re all competing for the love of the same guy–is pretty damned bizarre. But they all really do care about each other.

When Stephanie was eliminated last night, all the girls were upset. I imagine it’s pretty confusing for them because while they were all happy to be going on to the next show, they would miss Stephanie too. Weird. But it’s a fascinating dynamic to watch. I kind of like seeing them care about each other rather than the usual bitchiness. Then again, that might just be me. I see enough of women being mean and catty to each other. It’s refreshing to see women who develop friendships with each other even if they are vying for the same guy.

Onto the hometown dates next week. Yes, I know, I’m pathetically addicted. Save me.