Lost Amidst The Chaos

Whoa. Christmas exhausts me. Glad that’s over and I can go back to work now :giggle:

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. So tell me what you got. I always love to hear about your favorite gift. Biker Dude bought me a docking station/clock radio for my iPhone. Whee! And this amazing Ed Hardy purse that rocks my world. I would have slept with it except it was a little lumpy. Heh.

Christmas Eve was just me and Biker Dude. That’s our alone time to open gifts we got for each other, drink some egg nog and for me to torture Biker Dude with endless Christmas movies :tree: . Christmas Day we had the family here. Always fun, but gah, I did a lot of cooking. By 7:30 last night I was ready to go to bed. Though not sure how we ended up staying up til 1 in the morning. (Playing Word Warp on the iPhone :giggle: )

Here’s a pic of me and Biker Dude. It’s so to get pics of us to turn out decent. This one wasn’t too bad.


Hope yours was merry. So come on, tell me what kind of goodies you found under your tree. Or wherever you found them.