Cool Stuff!


So I have some awesome news to share!

RIDING WILD has been nominated by Romantic Times reviewers for their 2008 Reviewers Choice Award in the Erotic Suspense category! Wheeee! :cheer:

I’m so thrilled by this nomination, and so grateful to the folks at Romantic Times. My Wild Riders series is, admittedly, one of my favorites, and I’m so glad others think so.

I’m in a category with some omg authors, like Eden Bradley, Susan Lyons and Karin Tabke, so I’m incredibly honored to be considered as talented as these women.

Also, some of my friends and authors I love have also received nominations, like Lauren Dane, Joey Hill, Jackie Kessler, Dakota Cassidy, Michele Bardsley, Lora Leigh, Lara Adrian, Nalini Singh, Karen Templeton, Marilyn Pappano, Jill Monroe, Colleen Gleason….well the list goes on (and it’s huge!).

Congrats to everyone, and I’m just so excited!!!


Now for something fun. Took my two littlest dogs to the groomer’s today. (They’re half Maltese and half miniature Dachsund) Trust me, they needed it. They were shaggy, muddy and stinky. Here’s the result.

Jaz and Bella Dec 2008

Jaz is the beige and white, and Bella is the black and white. And you can tell they weren’t at all thrilled with me, no doubt because the groomer put those holiday scarves on them–reindeers and penguins. Really, you gotta love the torture. :giggle: