Busy Weekend

But aren’t they all? Friday night we went out to dinner, then my husband surprised me by stopping at Best Buy and telling me to pick up a Wii and Wii Fit, something I’ve wanted for a while now. Wheee! I’m really excited. It’s not hooked up yet, we’re waiting until after Xmas and we have all the decorations down and the presents are out of the room and everything is decluttered. I can’t wait!

My adorable granddaughter spent the night Saturday. We made sugar cookies together. What fun. Then we read books and watched holiday movies. Is there anything that can slide you into the holiday spirit more than a 5 year oldl? :heart:

Sunday we went to the furniture store and bought a couple side pieces for next to the big screen tv. There is never enough storage space for dvds and the accumulation of….crap. These are actually antique looking dressers and surprisingly enough they fit nicely next to the oh so modern plasma tv. Go figure. :giggle: Picture below – what do you think?


This week–at least the first part of this week–is all about knocking out some word count on this novella from hell. I also have to clean my house since I’m hosting Christmas for my family. Fortunately, Biker Dude is on vacation this week, so he can help me. :cheer:

And I have a book releasing tomorrow from Samhain Publishing, but I’ll be back to tell you all about that tomorrow.

So what are your holiday plans?