Weekend In Review and Upcoming This Week


Howdy all! Whew! Busy weekend. I had to work with Biker Dude at his office all day Saturday. Saturday night we had to go to a wedding of the daughter of some friends of ours. The Pastor was a riot. I love a Pastor who can make you laugh. He did a great job with the ceremony. The reception was great (mainly because as soon as we got there they served the food and Biker Dude and I were starving :giggle: ). We dashed out of there early because….Oklahoma was playing Texas Tech! And our Sooners beat the crap out of the Red Raiders! :cheer: Of course they ranked OU behind Texas in the BCS rankings, which is very irritating (ignore this if you don’t follow college football)

Sunday was spent cleaning the house. :gah: I really hate cleaning. But I have to say, I’m married to a wonderful man. He turns housecleaning into the kind of thing that makes a woman fall in love with him all over again. He isn’t the kind of man to shirk his part of the housecleaning duties. He got down on his hands and knees and scrubbed the bathroom floors by hand. Then took the shop vac and vacuumed along the baseboards, again on his hands and knees. No, I’m not kidding. And then he completely took apart and cleaned the stove. When he works, he works. Really, it gives me the shivers the way he cleans. :heart:

We grocery shopped for Thanksgiving since we’re having it here. We bought a fryer and this year we’re going to experiment with frying a turkey. Hopefully it’ll turn out. We’ve had fried turkey before and it’s just oh so moist I wanted to try it myself. Well, frying the turkey will be Biker Dude’s job, while I’m cooking everything else.

Somewhere in that list of to do’s this week I need to work on getting some serious word count done on Riding The Edge. I’ve been fighting the leftover cough associated with The Cold From Hell the past few weeks. I think we’re on the upside of that now, so hopefully I can charge through some writing this week.

So for all of you folks in the USA, what are your Thanksgiving plans?

Oh, and cool news – RIDING TEMPTATION is Fresh Pick of the Day over at FRESH FICTION! :boobie: