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Unlaced Med

UNLACED releases one week from today!

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Four authors of erotic romance present wild and irresistibly dangerous fantasies in this sensational anthology of lust and lingerie…

Come undone with Jaci Burton…Sixteen years is a long time to carry a torch for your ex. It’s high time they act on long-dormant desires and reignite the flame that still burns inside them both.

Unwind with Jasmine Haynes…A wanting woman arrives at the perfect solution for exploring sensual freedom: open herself up to an amateur photographer with no limits—and an uncensored appreciation for the female body.

Let loose with Joey Hill…What does a hiker do when he comes upon a girl wearing only ivory panties, and stretched out invitingly on the warm leather seat of a Harley? Anything she tells him.

Submit to Denise Rossetti…As the laces of a stunning ruby-trimmed corset tighten, so too does the grip of an inescapable sorceress’s curse—one with the power to transform any woman into a dominating femme fatale.

Free your inhibitions with…




Lisa stared at the closed door to the spare bedroom, having half-followed Rick after he left her on the balcony.

Left her. Just kissed her on the cheek and told her goodnight, then walked out.

Then again, he knew her better than anyone, didn’t he? He knew she wouldn’t want to rush into anything, would need some time to think everything through.

Yes, that was her, wasn’t it? Everything carefully planned out. If it was a monumental choice, she’d have to think long and hard about it. She had to ponder every decision ad nauseum. She drove Connie crazy when they went shopping because it took her hours before deciding what clothes to buy.

She walked into the master bedroom and closed the door, went into the bathroom, then frowned at her reflection in the mirror.

What was so difficult about this decision? She’d been lusting after her ex-husband for years. What was so wrong about jumping him during this vacation?

Because there would be an after-vacation, that’s what the problem was.

So what? They could still go back to the way things were, couldn’t they?

Probably not.

Dammit. Sex always screwed things up, got in the way of a perfectly good friendship. She and Rick had spent years mending the tears in their relationship after they divorced. It had been easier back then because they’d had Kayla. Kay had been a toddler, helpless and needing both her parents to care for her. They’d done it for her sake, had put their ridiculously petty irritations with each other aside and taken care of their daughter.

But they’d both been young and immature back then. They were adults now.

Besides, sex had never been a problem between them. That’s not where their issues had been. And oh God she needed sex in the worst way, had denied herself over and over again, year after year, mainly because of Kayla, but also because she still carried a major torch for Rick.

Okay, so fine. Rick was here now. In the flesh. She had him all to herself for one glorious week. What the hell was stopping her besides her own stupid head ticking off all the reasons this was a bad idea. Though there were valid reasons. Good reasons. Like why-mess-up-a-good-thing kind of reasons.

She stalked back into the bedroom and sat on the bed, kicked off her shoes, blowing out a breath filled with frustration.

Could she be more conflicted? Was she doomed to spend this entire vacation being close to Rick, but never taking that step that would lead her into the arms of the man she’d desired for years? What was wrong with her? Why did she always have to be so damn logical?

Any other man would have read the signs and pushed her hesitation, would have stormed over to her and kissed away her uncertainty until she couldn’t think straight.

But Rick wasn’t any other man. He knew her, knew if he pushed, she’d regret it.

He put the decision in her hands. If this was going to happen, she was going to have to initiate it.

Good God, Lisa, it’s just sex. It’s not like he’s asked you to marry him.

She should go for it, and damn the repercussions. Connie and Kayla wanted her to have fun.

She wanted to have fun. She needed to have fun.

She pushed off the bed and pulled open the bedroom door, shutting down the logical side of her brain, the one hammering at her even now as she walked down the hall toward the closed bedroom door. She knew Rick wasn’t asleep yet. Before she chickened out, she knocked.

In seconds, he opened the door. He was still dressed, though he’d unbuttoned his shirt, had pulled it out of the waistband of his slacks. Her mouth went dry at the dark expanse of his chest, the crisp hairs scattered there. Instead, she focused on his face, the way his eyes questioned.

“I want this,” she blurted out before she lost her nerve.



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