UNLACED – Releasing in Two Weeks


Unlaced Med

I think this is one of the prettiest covers I’ve ever had.

I’m very excited about this anthology and I’m in this book with some extremely talented company. Joey Hill, Jasmine Haynes and Denise Rossetti have all written amazing stories in UNLACED. I’m also really happy about my story in this book, The Ties That Bind. It’s a story about a couple who’ve known each other a very long time, who split up but have always loved each other. Ahh, lovers reunited, one of my favorite types of stories.

Unlaced releases on December 2nd from Berkley HEAT and my anthology mates and I have some fun stuff coming up to help celebrate its release. Stay tuned.

We also received some really awesome news from Berkley. They liked this anthology so much that they’ve asked us to do another one next year. So there’ll be an UNLACED 2 (well, really, I have no idea what it’ll be titled, but it’ll be something similar). We’re all so excited to be able to do this again!


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