I Saw A Ghost Yesterday


Biker Dude has been fixing up his mom’s car to sell it. So yesterday, he wanted to drive it about 100 miles to test the engine, so we took it onto the turnpike, intending to stop somewhere for lunch. And while we headed north, I suggested we stop at the cemetery where his dad is buried since his mom just had a nice headstone put up there and we hadn’t seen it yet.

The cemetery where his dad is buried is in a small town. We took the gravel road leading into the cemetery. There’s a brick archway at the cemetery entrance, and right before we got there I saw an old man on the other side standing in the cemetery. He wore overalls, a flannel shirt and a baseball cap. I didn’t think anything of it, figuring he was just another visitor.

But after we drove through the archway, we made a left turn to follow the road to the gravesite, and I noticed that the old man wasn’t there. He wasn’t anywhere. Nowhere in the cemetery. This is a very small cemetery. You can see the entire thing from your car. And there are no buildings for the old guy to have ducked into. He simply wasn’t there. At all.

Now where he was standing when were driving down the road was the exact spot where we turned once we drove through the archway. We should have been able to see him.

I’m pretty sure we didn’t see him because he was a ghost, no doubt hanging out with the other dead peeps at the cemetery.

I told Biker Dude what I saw (he didn’t see the guy). He loves me enough to tell me he believed me. :giggle: :heart:

Pretty cool, huh? I got no creepy vibes at all. I just thought it was genuinely cool.

So, have you ever had a ghostly encounter? Spill…