Yeah, I’m Going For Random Here


It’s raining here today. Power went off for an hour this morning. Thunder, lightning, dark skies and tons of rain. Very cool. And hey, laptop still works without power, so I was productive during that hour. Yay for me!

I’m struggling a bit with this plotline for this novella. Probably overthinking it and I should just write the damn thing and let the story tell itself. Hopefully all the kinks (plot kinks, not sex kinks, just to be clear :giggle: ) should work themselves out. Hopefully.

I’m consumed with television lately. There are tons of new shows on and old shows resuming and my butt is in front of the t.v. every single night. I’m loving My Own Worst Enemy and The Mentalist. Those are my two favorites. I also found Life, which apparently I missed last season. And of course I still love CSI (Vegas, not sunglasses or NY), and Grey’s Anatomy. Still hooked on Survivor, I’ve started watching The Amazing Race, and since reality tv is always my friend, Americas Next Top Model and I watched the end of Project Runway last week (what did you think of who won?).

Fortunately Biker Dude has been dragging my ass off the couch to take a walk every night so said ass does not become one with the sofa and spread into a large glob of fat (now there’s a mental visual for y’all). Let me tell ya, my joints are stiff from spending all day at the computer writing and all night planted like a potato on the couch. Clearly I need exercise. But it’s going to get cold soon. I hate walking in the cold and wind. Brrrr.

I finished typing in revisions and copyedits for Riding on Instinct. Got a couple tweaks yesterday from my Bantam editor for Taken By Sin, but otherwise she loved the revisions I did. Yay! Always nice when an editor likes what you do to a book.

That’s all I’ve got right now. I can’t believe it’s Wednesday already. It is Wednesday, isn’t it?