Packing Crisis

So tomorrow after work Biker Dude and I will be heading to Arkansas for Bikes, Blues & BBQ, an annual event held in Fayetteville. Nothing like spending a couple days with a quarter of a million people packed together like sardines, and add in 100,000 bikes or so. I can’t wait! :giggle:

We went last year and had a blast. Oh, that reminds me, gotta charge up the camera batteries and actually remember to pack the camera.

Anyway, we’re riding the bike up there, which brings me to my dilemma…packing. We have a small bag on the back of the Harley, and we’ll add a backpack on top of it.

I’m not a light packer. I like to overpack. But on bike trips, overpacking is a huge no no. We take the minimum, which means the jeans we’re wearing, an extra shirt, minimal toiletries and that’s it. (I mean my makeup and hair stuff and shoes alone can take up half a regular sized suitcase). But no. One pair of shoes…my riding boots. Minimal hair goo. Minimal makeup. (You picking up on the whole ‘minimal’ thing here?)


But….but…what if I spill ketchup on my jeans? What if it rains? What if I get muddy?

I know…some tough girl, huh? I like to bring extra clothes so that I’m prepared for any eventuality. But with minimal space (there’s that word again..minimal), that’s not gonna happen. I can’t even pack a blow dryer (fortunately, the hotel has one…or so they say).

Sometimes it’s hard being a girl.